Unleash the pressure

Septaberg, founded in 2000, is a leading stockist and manufacturer of high pressure gas cylinders and related components based in Luxembourg (Europe). The company focuses on first class supplier service to specialty gas companies, industrial gas companies, medical gas companies, high pressure compressor installators, offshore marine equipment suppliers, and so on. Products will vary from small size specialty gas lecture cylinders or small size emergency oxygen cylinders to large volume high pressure gas storage for firemen air supply or hydrogen refueling stations. The strength of the company is in combining a customer driven service to first class products.

Another division provides UHP pumps and spare parts for the servicing of Ultra High Pressure Waterjet processing machine (cutting, blasting, deburring). Supply includes sapphire, ruby, diamonds, carbide focusing tube, valve, pump spare parts. Original or exchangeable spare parts for following pump brands are available : Flow®, IR/KMT®, Boehler BFT®, ... New pumps or refurbished ones are also available upon request.